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Daniel Stanislawski




  I have known Mr. Adam Laboga, a Polish designer of guitar amplifiers, for several years. We met when I was working on other projects. My hometown played host to The Blues Festival and the special guest of this event was Mr. Adam. During a break we sat outside and talked. From the conversation I learned about a serious condition from which Mr. Laboga was suffering at the time. Without thinking too much, I phoned him the very next day and introduced to him my idea for a documentary. Mr. Adam agreed without hesitation, made a few calls to legendary guitarists, and I gathered a film crew. We recorded an interview with Mr. Laboga and filmed him at work in his workshop. We also visited and interviewed in Poland three excellent guitarists, who use his guitar amplifiers: Robert Friedrich, aka "Litza" (Acid Drinkers, Luxtorpeda), Andrzej Nowak (TSA, Zle Psy) and Darek Kozakiewicz (Perfect). 
On November 3, 2018, we received an saddening message. Adam Laboga died after a long illness. The shots for the film are still being taken. I am carrying out this project in tribute to Mr. Adam, an outstanding creator of LABOGA guitar amplifiers renowned both domestically and internationally. My passion for rock music and guitar playing have also contributed to the project.