"Thanks Jimi" from the album (CD + DVD) Leszek Cichoński The Best of Studio & Live.

My film adventure with music began with my diploma thesis about Leszek Cichoński, a guitarist, the founder of the Thanks Jimi Festival (the Guitar Guinness World Record), written during my studies at the Film School. For the purposes of my project, I produced Leszek Cichoński's jubilee concert in 2007 and the Thanks Jimi Festival 2008 in Wroclaw. Finally, my graduation project,  the concert and the Guitar Record were released on a DVD included in the album titled Leszek Cichoński The Best Of Studio & Live (CD + DVD).

Film reportage from the Lady Pank concert in Boston, England on December 11, 2015.






A big and important part of my life was working with Lady Pank, a legendary Polish rock band that I am a fan of. For several years I was the group’s official photographer and filmmaker by passion. 
Among other things, this cooperation resulted in an album released on June 16, 2015 LADY PANK UNPLUGGED. I shot the photos for the cover and CD booklet.

Daniel Stanislawski


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