I fulfil my dreams as a filmmaker and pursue another passion in my life – travelling. Discovering new places and getting to know interesting people, learning about their culture, has become my very own way of understanding the world . I try to combine these two passions every time. The result of their combination are, for example, the documentaries I made in the USA. My beloved city of New York is where I create them, having already executed the first of such projects.


In addition to working with TV, for many years I have executed a number of projects, including: music videos, concerts, commercials, promotional films. But truth being said, feature and documentary films are the love of my life. So the next stage in my career was making my own film projects. While in the United States, I completed two documentaries.


The first, FRANK LITTLE, about the New York photographer, has already been screened at film festivals around the world. So far my project has received four awards in London, New York  and Los Angeles.


The second, THE SPIRIT OF BEAUFORT, about the local community of Beaufort, South Carolina, USA, cultivating the movie "Forrest Gump", which is currently in post-production.


And the third documentary, LABOGA, about the legendary, late Adam Laboga, the manufacturer of guitar amplifiers, is being made in Poland.







For more than a decade I have been working as a cameraman and editor in TV stations, both local and national.
I am currently a cameraman working with TVN (Discovery). I also cooperated with the Polish Football Association (Laczy Nas Pilka), shooting videos for the organisation’s YouTube channel.








Since childhood I have wanted to become a filmmaker, work behind the camera. After many years of hard work and dedication I managed to fulfil this dream. 
I graduated from the MASTERSHOT Film School in Wroclaw with a diploma in Cinematography in 2006.

Daniel Stanislawski


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