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Seventeenth 17th Annual February 21 - 26, 2023
Beaufort International Film Festival

Private premiere of the film "The Colours of Life".
DCF Cinema in Wroclaw, Poland.
June 16, 2023.

  The author of the painting/film poster is Jack Foumanis.
Jack Foumanis on INSTAGRAM: @jackfoumanis I FACEBOOK:


„The Colours of Life” shows the lifestyle and thoughts of the artist - Jack Foumanis from Cyprus. 
As the author of the documentary, I introduced an additional character, the narrator who introduces the viewer to the painter's life on the island and has also a form of communication with Jack by asking him questions about art and existence.
Jack Foumanis, MFA, born on April 25th, 1974, is a reputed prolific professional painter, calligrapher, decorator, and art professor in Cyprus who is a pioneer combined method painting educator and has trained hundreds of talented artists in Cyprus over the past 25 years.
An award-winning artist with distinguished artworks ranging from realism to impressionism and abstract expressionism who has frequently been applauded internationally specially for the artistic quality of his country style design and decoration projects.
His paintings have been exhibited in many countries around the world such as USA, France, Germany, Greece, Kuwait, Norway, Bulgaria, Japan, Dubai and England and are owned by many leading museums and public and private collections in Cyprus and abroad. He is currently the director of Art Cypria Art Center and is a member of Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts, International Association of Art IAA / AIAP Affiliated to UNESCO since 1996.

On August 23, 2022 at the Amsterdams Marionetten Theater in Amsterdam, I had the pleasure of being a guest at a film festival and receive a certificate / award for SHORT - BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY in my documentary film "The Colours of Life", which I made in Cyprus.